Ukraine: Oscar contender for “ Everything everywhere all at once.”

The hills are alive with the sound of HIMARS

Yaakov C Lui-Hyden
5 min readSep 19, 2023


Long after the last Flat Earther perishes, there will be some old man clinging to the hope that Russia is winning. And he won’t be a Russian but some Western Vatnik.

But plucking out your own eyes, Oedipus style, can’t spare you from the truth. The army, formerly known as Russia, is being routed again and again and at this point we can only assume has gone from sadism to masochism.

It really isn’t their fault. They have been spoon-fed for centuries on a diet of suffering is a virture. They smile at the potholes you can park your Lada in and say “God is good.” They probably looked at those nice wheat and sunflower fields in Ukraine and thought “What a waste. Surely true art is a muddy wasteland of bombed out craters and landmines?”

We have seen 450 Majors, 250 Lieutanant Colonels and 100 Colonels join the cargo 200 death cult, all fertilizer now in Ukraine. Prigozhin is either in Venezeula or God and the Devil are using his soul for ping pong with the loser getting him. Kadyrov can’t decide if he is in a coma or not, dead or not, probably waiting to see how the table tennis match with Prigozhin pans out.

We have seen a narrative destroyed about Russia having to take Crimea lest NATO take it and be a threat- which is funny because Crimea is now the place Ukraine would love Russia to have its fleet. Russia has tried everything to avoid Ukrainian reprisals. The Moskva became a submarine early on, and now the Rostov ,Kilo class submarine, try to evolve into some land animal to hide and still got destroyed. Submarine warfare has certainly entered a new era.

We have the three largest landing ships abandoning Crimea to the Sea of Azov and the Kerch bridge only has to come down to lock them in there.

Russia has now refused to rest any troops or demobilise, saying that all troops in theatre are there to the end of the operation.

In the south it resembles muscial chairs as Russia throws everything it can to try and limit Ukraine’s advance. But the Russians admit they lack counter battery fire and they can’t reach the HIMARS anyway. So they charge backwards like some Tenet…



Yaakov C Lui-Hyden

Yaakov is a world traveller and is accused of being an Australian. Published several novels. He writes about travel, writing, geopolitics and trading.