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To be a Jew

What does it even mean?

Yaakov C Lui-Hyden
15 min readNov 21, 2023


Ah to be a Jew. What does this mean?

Is it this?

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Or this?

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Or even this?

One universal truth when it comes to us Jews. Our enemies will always try to define us and decide for us, never on an advantageous basis, who we are.

If you were in Europe historically, you were foreign, Middle Eastern, speaking a language of the Levant,of Palestine. Expelled from half a dozen European countries, forbidden from many professions and forced to live in ghettoes or the Pale of Settlement. You were told to convert, children forcibly baptised, and at Easter you were accused of kidnapping Christian children and eating them (yes, really). You were blamed for murders, you were blamed for the bubonic plague, and you were the number one target of the inquisition. Martin Luther…



Yaakov C Lui-Hyden

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