Ov Sirun, sirun Artsakh.

The next stage of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Yaakov C Lui-Hyden
5 min readSep 28, 2023


This post has taken me quite a few days to post as it is an emotional topic for me and a topic I care about but so few do.

Right now, over 50,000 people of around 120,000- close to half the population have fled Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabah. **update: now 100417 have fled and only some medical personnel and some Special Needs and elderly remain. The entire enclave will have been completely evacuated in just over 7 days- wiping out 2200 years of history there, including some of the earliest churches in the world.

They are leaving their homes and valuables behind, their entire lives and thousands of years of Armenians living in that area- long before the Turkic tribes left the Altai of Russia to sweep West and South to subjugate people along the way and assimilated them.

I, as a Jew married to an Armenian, know that history always repeats and one of the most important lessons is when people tell you they will kill you, believe them.

A dictator in Baku offers no real assurance. Sure he will say things to Western audiences who buy his oil but, rest assured, every house or apartment in Artsakh has already been counted and allocated. No doubt Military officers and their young families, as well as those close to the President, will get their nice hillside dachas built by, and once owned by, Armenians.

People say they are choosing to leave. There were German Jews who insisted things were only happening to troublemakers and if they stayed and were good little citizens they would be fine. They ended up dead.

The Egyptian Jews fled leaving valuables behind-we are talking at least $20 billion of land holdings in today’s dollars, and they did so for the same reason as the people of Artsakh.

Do you honestly thing such a wave of people will give up all that property and ancestral homes if they think they would just suffer some discomfort? No, they know that if they don’t go now they will be squeezed out- just like they endured months and months of blockade by so called Azerbajiani environmental activitsts that stopped basic food stuffs and medicine reaching the enclave. If there is no provocation, one will be invented.



Yaakov C Lui-Hyden

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